These Are The Most Valuable Foods On The Planet


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For most of us, the idea of forking over a little extra cash for an expensive food means things like picking up a special bag of coffee or splurging on a pint of ice cream… even though it’s not on sale. For others, the price tag on something just doesn’t matter. For that select group of people, the higher the price, the more in-demand it is. That’s true of everything from cars to food, so let’s talk about some insanely expensive, highly valuable foods you might never buy, at least not on any ordinary shopping trip…

Da Hong Pao | 0:28
Yubari King melons | 1:16
Saffron | 2:09
Ayam cemani chickens | 2:57
Black Ivory Coffee | 3:33
White truffles | 4:10

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