NEW ROBOTS you can BUY in 2018


You wanted it, now you got it! MORE ROBOTS YOU CAN BUY!

GEIO | A FPS Battle Bot With Visual Recognition-
GEIO is engineered to present you the most indulging robotic battle experience, equipped with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system. The power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Turtle Rover | Open-source Waterproof Ground Drone-
World’s first land drone designed by Mars rover engineers. You could describe Turtle as a land drone, but it’s much more! It’s a revolutionary open platform that you can adapt to your own needs. Build your own rover from scratch! Add Raspberry Pi, a battery, servos and wires by yourself – learn and have fun!

bots_alive | robots with playful artificial intelligence-
Playful immersion in advanced STEM. Teachable robots solve kid-built mazes with artificial intelligence. Supports 2 Hexbug Spiders. bots_alive turns remote-controlled Hexbug Spiders into playful, smart, and autonomous creatures. A new, more organic kind of character artificial intelligence

NOVA | DIY Artificial Intelligence Robot-
Build your own artificial intelligence robot and practice your coding and engineering skills in the most exciting way. Creoqode Nova is an Arduino-based artificial intelligence robot. Nova comes as an all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit allowing users to build their own artificial intelligence robot and to practice their coding and engineering skills by controlling it in various ways.

Fleye | Your Personal Flying Robot-
Fleye is a whole new kind of drone. Safe, fun and autonomous. Invent the future of flying robots thanks to its open API and SDK.
The classic drone design has many shortcomings; Fleye has gone back to the drawing board to imagine the future of autonomous flying robots. What would a drone from the future look like? At Fleye, we dream of small, autonomous, flying machines floating around us and helping us in our daily lives.

Robot Army Starter Kit | A do-it-yourself Delta Robot kit-
Each kit will come with one assembled ‘Hex Brain’ PCB, which drives all the servo motors and the colored LED. The board is equipped with the ATMega 328, and will be broken out so that all pins are accessible for personal use.

Ringo | The palm size robot with real personality-
Ringo is a cute Arduino based digital pet robot with an accelerometer, gyrosocope, 6x RGB LED lights, sound, and communication sensors. Ringo is a super cute pet robot bug based on the Arduino UNO and packed with goodies including an accelerometer, gyroscope, 6 awesome RGB LEDs (NeoPixel lights), music chirper, and more. Everything you need to bring to life a real personality in a digital pet of your own.

Mirobot | The DIY WiFi robot for children
Mirobot is a DIY WiFi robot designed to help children learn about technology and programming. It’s open source and fun to build and use. Mirobot is a small, WiFi robotics kit that children can build themselves and then use to learn about technology, engineering and programming. It’s fun to build and easy to start programming it to draw shapes.

Hexy the Hexapod | Low-Cost Open Source Robot with 19 Servos-
Fully articulating, open source robotic Hexapod kit with 19 servos, powered by Arduino. Explore advanced robotics, kinematics, and programming. Cheap robots for everyone! The idea behind ArcBotics is to become the Ikea of robotics.

Sparki – The Easy Robot for Everyone!
Easy, affordable, open source feature packed Arduino robot. Now in thousands of schools worldwide like Stanford, and stores like Barnes and Noble. Comes w/ free full suite of lessons. Great intro to programming, electronics, robotics. Sparki is ArcBotics’ answer to robotics in education.

CellRobot | Advanced Modular Robotics Kit-
Create custom and modular robots capable of anything that are designed & controlled directly from your smartphone. Modular robotics is one of the most complex areas of robotics because each added element allows new movements & functionality. Normally such robots are exclusive to research labs, until now.
Robby | A French evolutive robot enhancing curiosity-
Mr. Robotics aims to provide a simple solution to empower curiosity in robotics with an evolving and powerful robot: Robby. Who ever wanted to make a smart coffee maker, an RFID reader, a drone …?

PLEN2 | the world’s first printable open-source humanoid-
PLEN2 guides you to the advanced technology world and help you grow. Anyone can easily build and personalize it. PLEN2 is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself.

QuadBot | Now ANYONE can Master Robotics-
QuadBot was created so that anyone can get into Making Robotics! See what makers have come up with! QuadBot can walk, dance, light up and with sensors it can follow you, avoid obstacles, play songs… anything is possible!


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