New invention Stagg EKG – The Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee Lovers


In case you always assumed that coffee and tea were meant to be served piping hot, think again. Tea and coffee are typically recommended to be served slightly below the water’s boiling point, and this is why sometimes you can see baristas stick a thermometer in their milk jug to gauge the temperature of the milk while it is frothing.
Now for you tea and pour-over coffee lovers out there who are looking for the perfect kettle, the Stagg EKG might be of interest to you. Created by the folks at Fellow Products, the Stagg EKG is an electric kettle that lets users set the desired temperature of their water ranging from 135F to 212F. This means that you’ll no longer have to guess how hot the water is as this will heat it up to specific temperatures.
There is even a Bluetooth version in the form of the EKG+ that comes with a smartphone app so that you can control it remotely. The kettle itself is pretty sleek in terms of design and comes with a spout that will allow users more control over how the water is poured out, meaning that you can pour it as slowly or as quickly as you like without worrying about it gushing out.
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