Mr. Coffee WeMo Wifi-Enabled Coffee Maker Review


Full review:

This is my review of Mr. Coffee’s WeMo Optimal Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker.

The coffee maker connects with your Wi-Fi network, which enables you to brew coffee no matter where in the house or office you may be.

Of course, you will need to have water and coffee in the machine before engaging in this fancy tactic.

Other major features include:

-Built-in water filter
-Thermal stainless steel carafe
-Custom brew schedule for every day of the week (through the app)
-Notifications on your smartphone to prepare your coffee the night before a scheduled brew
-Notifications to your smart phone when the coffee is ready

This is the perfect auto drip coffee maker for those who rely heavily on a brew timer. No more fidgeting with buttons every day to adjust the time.



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