How To Make Latte Coffee Using French Press


How To Make Latte Coffee Using French Press Coffee Maker

Latte Coffee – Things You’ll Need:

Latte Coffee DIY Ingredients and Materials

Newly Boiled Water
Warm Milk
Coffee Pot
Glass Cup
InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker
Ground Coffee

Put 3-4 Tbsp of ground Coffee to 300-400ml of water depending on your preference and your brand of coffee.
Pour your newly boiled water inside your InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker.
Put the lid back on and brew for 4 minutes.
Press the plunger.
Pour the coffee in the cup.
Transfer the remaining coffee to coffee pot.
Warm the milk in the microwave and put it in the french press, then Press the plunger up and down.
Now, we just made a foamy milk! Make a cafe latte by combining the milk and the coffee in a cup.
Make sure to put some of the milk foam on top. Did you notice that the milk foam floats in your coffee?
Enjoy your cup of cafe latte!

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