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Who else’s day isn’t complete without coffee?!

I don’t know about you guys but drinking coffee every morning is essential for me. I’m like a robot without charge, a car without gas, and a cellphone that emptied its batt. Hahaha. It also allows me to cherish every morning while sipping hot coffee. Sometimes I drink coffee while reading or doing work. I can list many reason why I love coffee, so I made a DIY gift idea for you to try.

All items are so cheap and easy to make. I myself will surely appreciate to receive any of this one. As I was always saying, gifts are not about how expensive you are giving/receiving but the efforts a person put into thinking about giving something matters. Plus, its more special if you add some personal touch to every gifts you give. 🙂


I hope you’ll try this one and make sure to share some love on the comments down below! I love reading them! Though I really look like an idiot smiling widely all by myself when I read your comments… hehe. Thank you so much guys!

HAPPY 1,000+ SUBBIES TO ALL OF US! Knowing that I’m sharing my passion with this number of people is so awesome.


If you plan to recreate any of the DIY videos I made, make sure to tag or send a photo of your work. I will collect them and feature it to my future videos cause I will be so happy and proud to see them 😀

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Thank you so much! Have fun crafting! 🙂



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