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Coffee lovers

We are having fun after the 1940's concert. It was great! We loved the concert and the time we spent together.

Coffee Maker in Aktion

Eine kleines Video über die Funktionsweise des "old-school" Coffee Makers. Basiert auf Vakuum bzw. Perkulator Methode.

How to make a great cup of coffee with a Chemex coffee maker

Aaron Blanco of Brown Coffee Co. in San Antonio demonstrates the art of making coffee. Instructions and links: For every gram of coffee, add 16 grams of water. Opinions vary on how coarse to grind the...

Coffee Lovers on Pacific Coast Highway in California

We took a ride up the coast of southern California today. Wearing a shirt for Cocoa Coffee Lovers and driving a Mercedes Benz SL63 from Need coffee designs for your coffee shop? Check out...

My Flavia Coffee Maker Demo: How To Make A Latte With My Flavia

This is a quick video showing you how the My Flavia coffee maker works by making a Flavia Latte for ya. You can check out a more detailed review on my blog at Flavia...

Useful Japanese Phrases for Coffee Lovers

Check out Useful Korean Phrases for Coffee Lovers (Part 1) and his channel

Useful Korean Phrases for Coffee Lovers (Part 1)

If you wanted to know some more phrases other than the basic ABC+주세요 that you can use when ordering coffee in a cafe, here are a few of them. : ) I'll make Part 2...

How to make Coffee with a coffee machine

goofin' around with the new camcorder

Mysterious vintage coffee machine from the Soviet Union

A demonstration of a vintage coffee machine (produced in 1970) from the Soviet Union, that we found in some attic. Apparently, it is capable of making exactly one cup of coffee in one brewing.

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