GSI Coffee Pot

The GSI One Cup Percolator

Coffee time for coffee lovers – made with love in Bergerac, Dordogne, France

Are you a coffee lover? Then we made this video especially for you :-) If you enjoy this video please do 'share the love' to other coffee lovers. And if you would...

Smarter way to clean a French Press Coffee Maker

If you've been cleaning your French Press Coffee Maker with your hands, a spoon or other inappropriate item--stop! You're probably leaving behind clingy coffee oils that interfere with the way freshly brewed French Press coffee...

Bunn VPR Coffee maker, how does it work?

Is this proper operating procedure? I think something is wrong with it

Home Kitchen Appliance Set Playset Toaster Coffee Maker Cooking Breakfast Play Doh Food!

Breakfast Playset Toaster and Coffee Maker Kitchen Set ! ألعاب طبخ حقيقية للأطفال Music Carefree Melody‏ Twin Musicom‏ Creative Commons Attribution‏ (

Top 2017 Gift Picks: Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Gift Ideas for coffee lovers! Automatic bean to cup coffee machines make lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and more from fresh whole beans. Join Marc and Taylor from Whole Latte Love as they reveal our expert coffee...

BUNN 10-cup Programmable Coffeemaker Review, Holiday Gift For Coffee Lovers!

Review - BUNN 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Today we review a very high end coffee maker - if you really care about your coffee, this is the coffeemaker for you. Exclusive to Williams Sonoma,...

Crew Review: Walkure Karlsbad Porcelain Coffee Maker

A bit of a twist on the traditional pour overs, Gail tests out this German version of slow brew java crafting. Find out more details here:

The Coffee-Lover’s Coffee Cake Recipe

This is a rich-tasting coffee cake for people who love coffee. Be in no doubt - this is a coffee cake! Recipe at English closed captions courtesy of Daniel Bartolo (denbi90). FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

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