Useful Japanese Phrases for Coffee Lovers

Check out Useful Korean Phrases for Coffee Lovers (Part 1) and his channel

Useful Korean Phrases for Coffee Lovers (Part 1)

If you wanted to know some more phrases other than the basic ABC+주세요 that you can use when ordering coffee in a cafe, here are a few of them. : ) I'll make Part 2...

How to make Coffee with a coffee machine

goofin' around with the new camcorder

Sunbeam C30 Coffee maker cold start old start lol

My new (old) sunbeam c30 coffeemaster vacuum coffee maker 2 whole dollars at goodwill. after releasing the seal i got it to work and y'all get to see the amazing wait I call the...

Coffee Lovers

Video de Las Noticias Univision del reportaje que hicieron en Coffee Lovers en la Plaza Publica de Adjuntas.

Mysterious vintage coffee machine from the Soviet Union

A demonstration of a vintage coffee machine (produced in 1970) from the Soviet Union, that we found in some attic. Apparently, it is capable of making exactly one cup of coffee in one brewing.

romantic coffee lovers


A demonstration of the Keurig B30 Mini K-Cup Coffee Maker

Of all the Keurig K-Cup coffee makers, the B30 Mini is the smallest. It's perfect for when you have limited counter space, whether that be in a small kitchenette, a dorm room, an RV or...

Best Thermal Coffee Makers

Thermal carafes are coffee pots that are constructed of stainless steel (and often glass on the inside) that function like a thermos and keep your coffee warm inside for long periods of time....

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