Maker Update: Shred Your Own Banksy

This week on Maker Update, your own Banksy art shredder, the new Pi TV HAT, the CAD of soda bottles, a wearable touchscreen computer, a 3D printed doorman, a location aware MP3 player, and a...

Halloween Coffee Embellishments Tutorial // 31 Nights Of Crafty Frights

**LINKS MENTIONED** Shop Honeybee Stamps: Honeybee Stamps blog: Honeybee Stamps Instagram: Honeybee Stamps Facebook: **FOLLOW ME!** Crafty instagram: Personal Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest:

“Morning Coffee” by Minoru Okada

"Piano improvisation" by Minoru Okada For all the coffee lovers...

Building a MODERN Plywood Rocking Chair from One Sheet – #rocklerplywoodchallenge

Watch me build a modern rocking chair from one sheet of plywood real quick. This is for the Rockler Plywood Challenge. All the other projects so far: MDF Templates: Tools I Use: ● SawStop 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw:...

How To Use The Cafflano Klassic All-In-One Coffee Maker

In this video we demonstrate how to use the Cafflano Klassic. This All-in-One Coffee Maker includes a hand grinder, pour over kettle, dripper, server and mug! Perfect for camping and those who like their coffee on...

Use K-Cups with Any Coffee Maker with the K-pod

Want to try K-Cup style coffee making without buying an entire machine? Those machines can be expensive, and you might have a need for the higher capacity of a regular drip coffeemaker on occasion. That's...

Coffee Lovers Change Your Coffee Change Your Life

ORGANO GOLD The Healthier Rich, Creamy, Smooth and Tasty Coffee! Organo Gold is caffeinated however, the presence of Ganoderma neutralizes the negative caffeine effects so you get the "boost" with out the negative...

Conan Busts Jordan Schlansky & His Elitist Espresso Machine – CONAN on TBS

Jordan bought a fancy $500 Italian espresso machine on the company dime, so Conan is out for revenge.More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on...

Having Fun With A Siphon Coffee Pot! | Cup O’ Joe

Joe was inspired by Gail's Crew Review of the Bodum Pebo vacuum coffee maker, and used his coffee brewing knowledge to develop his technique. Watch as he show you this alternative coffee brewing method! Miss Gail's...

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